Our Trustees

Sandra Abdelrahman BA Hons. (Chair)

Marc Stoner cpfa (Treasurer)

John Cryer MP

Catriona Johnson

Fitzroy Bailey



About us

We are a new charity and not-for-profit social enterprise. Our aim is to create jobs and opportunities for men and women in recovery from drug, alcohol and other addictions.

Tens of thousands of men and women who have been addicted to drugs, alcohol and other substances and behaviours attend treatment programmes, and manage to achieve abstinence.

But treatment is just the beginning.

It's not just about stopping - it's about staying stopped

Addiction is a chronic relapsing condition and many struggle to maintain their abstinence. The relapse rate amongst drug and alcohol users is staggeringly high, and often results in them having to return to expensive treatment programmes time and time again.

Working to overcome addiction and maintain abstinence

We are looking at providing new and innovative ways to support people in recovery to maintain their abstinence. Not only will we provide jobs, volunteering and other opportunities, but all of our projects will be run by and for men and women in recovery.

We do not provide treatment, and our projects are not intended as a replacement, but rather to provide an extra means of support, often when treatment has ended.

We are managed by a Board of Trustees.








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Registered Charity No. 1140604